Efun is a mobile game company which was established in 2012. Until 2018, we have made great achievements in operating about 400 games with more than 17 kinds of languages in the worldwide.We have accelerated billions of players especially in Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Japan, with explosive growth in Europe and United State. We aim at reaching global game players and adhere to high quality games.We believe that games are the essential part of people’s life and good games would bring great values, relaxation, funs, friendships and kind understandings to our players.


Simplicity is the most

difficult thing in the

modern society. We

believe that game is

for fun and only

simplicity could lead

us to the fun games.


From the first day of our

company in 2012, Efun has concentrated on

mobile games and has

kept on moving in the

coming years.


No one is an almighty.

Efun encourages sharing

between everyone in our

daily work, which is the

only one way to make

Efun better and better.


Trust is priceless.We

value our players, our

cooperative partners

and our employees.